Honey Lemon Water My Best Kept Secret

Since I became pregnant, I have been looking for natural caffeine substitute to provide energy in the mornings. I came across a recipe for honey lemon water, which not only provides a nice wake me up in the morning, but also helped with my morning sickness. Since then it has become my morning go to, which I either drink hot, or cold depending on the day. After drinking this recipe for some time now, I also discovered the amazing health benefits. Since then I have been making it for my husband in the mornings, and sharing the recipe with friends.

It helps to boost the immune system, and aids in weight loss, by kick starting your digestive system and boosting your metabolism. It also helps in cleansing your body of excess toxins that can promote healing, and clear skin. You can also apply honey and lemon directly to the skin in the form of a mask to reduce hyperpigmentation, sunspots and scars.


1 Cup Water hot or cold

1 tablespoon of honey

1 tablespoon lemon juice

        Mix and enjoy!

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