Watermelon Mint Cucumber Lime Mocktail

This is a great summer mocktail recipe that you can mix up and turn into a regular cocktail recipe by adding tequila or vodka.

Being pregnant, I want to be able to relax and enjoy myself at social gatherings with a mixed drink that is both refreshing, and alcohol free. Here is my recipe I hope you enjoy!


2 cups seedless Watermelon diced into small pieces

½ cup of fresh mint leaves washed and de-stemmed

3 tablespoons of lime Juice

1 cup of sliced peeled cucumber

1-2 tablespoons simple syrup depending on sweetness desired

1 tablespoon Grenadine syrup (optional) for added color and sweetness

½ cup of water


  1. Add the watermelon, cucumber, mint leaves, limejuice, and water to a blender and puree.
  2. Add simple syrup 1 teaspoon at a time tasting till you get desired level of sweetness.
  3. (Optional) Add Grenadine syrup
  4. Pour into stainless steel shaker with ice cubes to strain any chunks out, and add a chill.
  5. Pour into glass and garnish with mint and cucumber and enjoy!

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